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Commercial Irrigation Systems in Mississauga

If you’ve invested in softscape landscaping and would like to keep your landscape healthy, do it right with an irrigation system. Ground-Control Ltd. has the experience and resources to ensure your property's esthetic value and project its best image to visitors, employees, clients, and prospects. You can trust our professionals with the design, installation, maintenance and repairs of your irrigation systems. Let us make your lawn look fresh, green and inviting all year long with a customized commercial irrigation system in Mississauga.


When it comes to commercial irrigation systems, we cover much larger areas than in residential irrigation systems. Since it is a large area to cover, we water/irrigate one part of the whole at a time. This way, you can enjoy your lush green landscapes throughout the year. Most commercial irrigation systems are always set on a timer, making its upkeep easy and efficient. Feel free to call us for your next commercial irrigation system project.

Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System

We can understand that it is not feasible to maintain a constant vigil over your lawn or manually sprinkle it to keep your lawns and yards lush and green. For situations like these, you can count on us at Ltd for sprinkler system installation in Mississauga.


You can enjoy the following benefits once you have installed your sprinkler system:


  • Eliminates the need for manual watering, making it convenient for you.

  • A sprinkler system will be set in one place, enhancing the overall appearance of your lawn.

  • A sprinkler system uses the right amount of water, minimizing water wastage and cutting down water costs.

Why Should You Water Regularly?

A healthy, green lawn is always a welcome sight amidst concrete buildings. Not only do lawns enhance the landscape of the building, but regular watering of the lawn also helps grow lush green grass. While watering your lawn, you can ensure that you are not too generous or sprinkling your lawn at night.


When you choose to be generous with watering your lawn, then there is a possibility that grassroots won’t absorb much water or grow entirely. This can be particularly problematic during summers. But when you sprinkle or water your lawn at night, it becomes too moist and a birthplace for moulds and diseases.


Enhance your property with our range of services. We help in maintaining and watering the lawn properly with our lawn sprinkler systems in Mississauga.

Make the Most of Your Lawn with a Commercial Irrigation System in Mississauga 

Our irrigation services include:


  • Sprinkler system design

  • Plumbing set up

  • Irrigation system installation

  • Irrigation system maintenance

  • Irrigation system repair (trenches, pumps, drains, PVC conduit, valves, station sites, computer control panels & other components)

Lawn Sprinkler System Inquiries

Have any questions regarding lawn sprinkler systems or want to know more about our landscaping services?

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