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Commercial Irrigation Systems in Toronto & Mississauga

If you’ve invested in softscape landscaping and want to keep your landscape healthy, do it with an irrigation system. Ground-Control Ltd has the experience and resources to ensure your property's esthetic value and project its best image to visitors, employees, clients, and prospects. You can trust our professionals to design, install, maintain and repair your irrigation systems. Let us make your lawn look fresh, green and inviting all year long with a customized commercial irrigation system in Mississauga.


When it comes to commercial irrigation systems, we cover much larger areas than in residential irrigation systems. Since it is a large area, we water/irrigate one part of the whole at a time. This way, you can enjoy your lush green landscapes throughout the year. Most commercial irrigation systems are always set on a timer, making their upkeep easy and efficient. Feel free to call us for your next commercial irrigation system project.

Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System

We can understand that it is not feasible to maintain a constant vigil over your lawn or manually sprinkle it to keep your lawns and yards lush and green. For situations like these, you can count on us at Ground-Control Ltd for sprinkler system installation in Mississauga.


You can enjoy the following benefits once you have installed your sprinkler system:


Eliminates the need for manual watering, making it convenient for you.
A sprinkler system will be set in one place, enhancing the overall appearance of your lawn.

A sprinkler system uses the right amount of water, minimizing water wastage and reducing water costs.

How to Operate a Sprinkler Irrigation System

Using a sprinkler irrigation system is a straightforward process, and here are the steps to effectively utilize it:

Select the appropriate irrigation system: The first step is to choose the right sprinkler irrigation system. It is recommended to seek professional assistance during the installation process. Several factors, such as water pressure, pump size, lawn watering needs, pipe placement, and water meter size, must be considered when setting up the irrigation system.

Adjust sprinkler heads: After installation, carefully open the main valve and run the sprinkler system manually using a timer. Evaluate the positioning of the sprinkler heads and their spray arcs. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper coverage and watering efficiency.

Program the controller: Set the sprinkler system's controller to align with your lawn's water requirements. You must understand your lawn's water needs to determine the ideal run time. Configure the timer according to the duration required for the system to deliver the necessary amount of water.

Following these steps, you can effectively operate your sprinkler irrigation system, ensuring your lawn receives the right amount of water and remains in optimal condition.

Winterize the system: Before winter arrives, it's essential to winterize your irrigation system. This precaution helps prevent damage caused by freezing water within the pipes. Ensure that all water is removed from the system.

Dewinterize and activate: After the last frost, carefully reactivate the system by slowly opening the main valve. Exercise caution during this process to prevent potential pipe damage due to the high water pressure and velocity.

Why Should You Water Regularly?

A healthy, green lawn is always a welcome sight amidst concrete buildings. Not only do lawns enhance the landscape of the building, but regular watering of the lawn also helps grow lush green grass. While watering your lawn, you can ensure that you are not too generous or sprinkling your lawn at night.

When you choose to be generous with watering your lawn, then there is a possibility that grassroots won’t absorb much water or grow entirely. This can be particularly problematic during summer. But when you sprinkle or water your lawn at night, it becomes too moist for moulds and diseases.

Enhance your property with our range of services. We help maintain and water the lawn properly with our lawn sprinkler systems in Mississauga.

Make the Most of Your Lawn with a Commercial Irrigation System in Mississauga 

Our irrigation services include:


Sprinkler system design
Plumbing set up
Irrigation system installation
Irrigation system maintenance
Irrigation system repair (trenches, pumps, drains, PVC conduit, valves, station sites, computer control panels & other components)

Maintaining Your Irrigation System

An irrigation system is a valuable addition to any property, ensuring your landscape stays green and healthy throughout the year. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your irrigation system functioning at its best and prevent costly repairs. Here are some key maintenance tips to help you keep your irrigation system in shape.

Clean sprinkler heads regularly:

Monthly cleaning prevents debris buildup, ensuring their smooth operation. Stuck heads can get damaged by foot traffic or lawnmowers.

Inspect for leaks:

Regularly look for puddles or damp spots in your landscape, as leaks can lead to water waste and higher bills.

Adjust sprinkler heads:

Regularly evaluate the coverage of your sprinkler heads and make adjustments to avoid over- or under-watering.

Winterize your system:

Professional winterization is vital in freezing climates to prevent pipe and backflow preventer damage.

Monitor water pressure:

Consistent water pressure is crucial for efficient irrigation. Consider a pressure regulator if needed.

Check timers and controls:

Periodically inspect timers and controllers, adjust settings, and replace batteries to maintain proper scheduling.

Keep records:

Maintain maintenance activities and performance records to track system health and provide documentation for warranty claims or repairs.

What Are Automatic Irrigation Systems?

Nowadays, many people use automated irrigation systems, so you should know about them and consider them when needed. Automatic irrigation systems have a long history, evolving with modern technology. These systems employ computer or timer-based units to supply water for crops, reducing the need for constant human intervention. They can be adapted to various water delivery methods, including drip, surface, and sprinkler systems.

There are four primary types of automatic irrigation systems to consider:

Time-based automatic irrigation: These systems utilize an electric timer to regulate water delivery. Users can calculate their crops' water requirements and use a formula to determine the appropriate timing for each crop cycle.

Volume-based automatic irrigation: This approach uses a volume control valve to dispense water onto crops. Similar to the time-based method, it operates by calculation.

Open-loop systems: Open-loop systems grant operators control over timing and water volume. This can be pre-set using computer settings, often based on a predefined schedule.

Closed-loop systems: Closed-loop systems are more advanced, relying on sensor feedback to determine the optimal timing and water quantity for irrigation. These sensors consider various factors to make precise irrigation decisions.

Lawn Sprinkler System Inquiries

Do you have any questions regarding lawn sprinkler systems or want to know more about our landscaping services?

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