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“Family Owned and Operated Since 1991 – Commercial, Industrial, Condominium Corporations – Servicing West GTA”

Commercial & Industrial Hardscaping Services Ltd provides quality construction services offering hardscaping services ranging from stonework, driveways, walkways, patios, fences and retaining walls. Our team has reworked/reclaimed half-done and improper construction jobs, correcting errors, following laid out architectural drawings and ensuring city deposits are refunded to the client. We have worked on various projects requiring the aptitude and coordination to maintain clients’ weekly scheduled services along with hardscape and softscape installations. Our managing team schedules work accordingly with our predetermined installation crew. We have the skills, judgment and experience essential to effectively implement and produce deliverables to clients – managing project expectations: timeline and budget.

Construction Services


Retaining Walls

Developers / Municipalities

We provide landscaping services and full and partial installation as per city/architecturally certified approved blueprints to complete hard and soft-scape installations that require meticulous attention to detail to ensure gardens/fences/trees/etc. are positioned and placed in accordance with architectural and City specs. Our services include:

Tree planting
Florals & more

Call for Professional Landscape Design

We offer environmentally-sustainable structures built professionally for perfect outdoor spaces.

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