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“Family Owned and Operated Since 1991 – Commercial, Industrial, Condominium Corporations – Servicing West GTA”


Professional Commercial Landscaping Services in Toronto & Mississauga

Since 1991, Ltd has offered our commercial, industrial and condominium clients reliable landscaping services in the West GTA area. Whether your property needs just the grass cut or trees planted or even removed, we are here to provide a diverse range of professional commercial landscaping services in Toronto and Mississauga.


We strive to make our landscape solutions match according to the theme and tone of your property. With striking designs, arrangement of plants and regular landscape maintenance, we create and maintain outdoor spaces that work for individual client needs. You might even look out for our seasonal services - if there is an overgrowth of grass after heavy rains or if there is a lack of maintenance during summers, do not hesitate to call us.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Landscaping Services Ltd provides an array of services, including spring-to-fall lawn maintenance for commercial and industrial clients, such as:

Seasonal cleanups

Spring/fall/anytime, lot sweeping, litter pick-ups, power washing, garbage collection/recycling, etc.

Lawn maintenance

Aeration, Mowing/lawn cutting, watering, trimming, fertilizing, raking, litter removal, weed control, edging, seeding/sodding, etc.


Planting, mulching, spreading soil, weeding, upkeep of annuals/perennials, shrubs, etc.


Pruning, leaf cleanups, planting/removal, etc.

Soft/hardscape installations

Fencing, custom-made planters, interlocking, irrigation installations/maintenance, retaining walls, etc.

Check out our gallery to view our past projects under our commercial landscaping services in Toronto.

Landscape Gardener Laying Turf For New Lawn

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping Services in Toronto

Undoubtedly, a well-maintained lawn enhances your landscape appeal for residential and commercial properties. You can enjoy the following benefits when you hire a professional commercial landscaping service like Ltd in Mississauga:


Time-saving: Professionals efficiently and precisely handle landscaping tasks, saving you valuable time.

Injury prevention: Hiring professionals reduce the risk of injuring yourself during landscaping activities.

Expert care: With the right tools and equipment, professionals ensure a high level of care for your lawn.

Cost-effectiveness: Professional landscapers utilize their tools and equipment, saving you money on purchasing or renting equipment.

Professional guidance: Receive expert advice on regular watering and maintenance to keep your landscapes in optimal condition.

Space optimization: Professionals can help you organize your existing space more efficiently, maximizing its potential.

In addition, professional landscaping professionals use appropriate methods to meet your diverse yet specific commercial landscaping needs. Undoubtedly, having your landscapes done by a team of professionals outweighs the results you might get when you try a DIY.


You don't have to worry about maintaining your lawns when you hire Ltd for your commercial landscaping services needs in Toronto. Let our experienced staff help enhance the curb appeal of your commercial landscapes.


Call us to book our services for your next landscaping project.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips 

Well-maintained commercial landscapes can greatly enhance the appeal and functionality of a property. Ensuring that the outdoor spaces of their commercial properties are attractive and well-kept is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a wise business decision. Here are some essential maintenance tips to help properties maximize their commercial landscaping.

Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan

Assess property size, layout, climate, and existing features. Identify high-traffic areas and special attention spots. Create a detailed plan outlining tasks, schedules, and budgets for thorough attention to all landscaping aspects.

Regular lawn care

Maintain a lush lawn by mowing, fertilizing, and irrigating properly. Mow at the right height to prevent stress and fertilize seasonally. Proper care saves grass from pests and diseases.

Pruning and trimming

Maintain neatness by trimming shrubs, trees, and plants regularly. Pruning promotes proper growth and prevents overgrowth, timing it as per each plant's needs.

Weed control

Prevent weed takeover with regular manual or chemical control. Implement landscape fabric or mulch in planting beds to reduce weed growth.

Pest and disease management

Preserve landscape health by promptly addressing pest and disease issues. Regular inspection and professional pest control may be necessary.

Seasonal cleanup

Adapt maintenance to seasonal changes with tasks like leaf removal, pruning, and system winterization for long-term landscape health.

Irrigation management

Ensure efficient watering by inspecting systems for issues and adjusting schedules based on seasons and weather conditions.


Apply mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate temperature, replenishing it as needed.

Sustainability practices

Implement eco-friendly practices like native plants and xeriscaping to reduce environmental impact and long-term costs.

Professional landscape services

Enlist professional landscapers for specialized tasks, large projects, or complex designs to ensure quality and efficiency.

Budget management

Efficiently manage landscaping budgets by regularly reviewing and adjusting based on maintenance plans and property needs.

In conclusion, maintaining commercial landscaping is about aesthetics, your property's functionality, and financial health. These efforts can create and maintain landscapes that contribute to tenant satisfaction, attract customers, and increase their commercial properties' overall appeal and value.

Contact Us Ltd offers professional landscaping services tailored to your needs. We've got you covered, from seasonal cleanups to lawn maintenance and gardening. Save time and effort by entrusting your landscaping needs to our experienced team. Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive services and book your next landscaping project. Let's create a lush green and pristine outdoor space for your business!

Lush Green & Pristine Outdoors

Make the exterior of your business property aesthetically appealing with our commercial landscaping services in Toronto & Mississauga.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Toronto | Ltd

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