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“Family Owned and Operated Since 1991 – Commercial, Industrial, Condominium Corporations – Servicing West GTA”


Professional Commercial Landscaping Services in Toronto & Mississauga

Since 1991, Ground-Control Ltd has offered our commercial, industrial and condominium clients reliable landscaping services in the West GTA area. Whether your property needs just the grass cut or trees planted or even removed, we are here to provide a diverse range of professional commercial landscaping services in Toronto and Mississauga.


We strive to make our landscape solutions match according to the theme and tone of your property. With striking designs, arrangement of plants and regular landscape maintenance, we create and maintain outdoor spaces that work for individual client needs. You might even look out for our seasonal services - if there is an overgrowth of grass after heavy rains or if there is a lack of maintenance during summers, do not hesitate to call us.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Landscaping Services

Ground-Control Ltd provides an array of services, including spring-to-fall lawn maintenance for commercial and industrial clients, such as:

Seasonal cleanups

Spring/fall/anytime, lot sweeping, litter pick-ups, power washing, garbage collection/recycling, etc.

Lawn maintenance

Aeration, Mowing/lawn cutting, watering, trimming, fertilizing, raking, litter removal, weed control, edging, seeding/sodding, etc.


Planting, mulching, spreading soil, weeding, upkeep of annuals/perennials, shrubs, etc.


Pruning, leaf cleanups, planting/removal, etc.

Soft/hardscape installations

Fencing, custom-made planters, interlocking, irrigation installations/maintenance, retaining walls, etc.

Landscape Gardener Laying Turf For New Lawn

Benefits of Professional Landscaping Services in Mississauga

There is no doubt that a well-maintained lawn enhances your landscape appeal for residential and commercial properties. You can enjoy the following benefits when you hire a professional commercial landscaping service like Ground-Control Ltd in Mississauga:


It saves time, as professionals do the job precisely and efficiently.

It reduces the possibility of injuring yourself while performing landscaping services.

Using the right tools and equipment, professionals exhibit a high level of care for your lawn.

It saves your money, as professional landscapers use their tools and equipment for the project.

They offer professional advice for regular watering and maintenance of your landscapes.

It can help you make more of your existing space by organizing it more efficiently.


In addition, professional landscaping professionals use appropriate methods to meet your diverse yet specific commercial landscaping needs. Undoubtedly, having your landscapes done by a team of professionals outweighs the results you might get when you try a DIY.


You don't have to worry about maintaining your lawns when you hire Ground-Control Ltd for your commercial landscaping services needs in Mississauga. Let our experienced staff help enhance your curb appeal for your commercial landscapes.


Call us to book our services for your next landscaping project.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips 

Well-maintained commercial landscapes can greatly enhance the appeal and functionality of a property. Ensuring that the outdoor spaces of their commercial properties are attractive and well-kept is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a wise business decision. Here are some essential maintenance tips to help properties maximize their commercial landscaping.

Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan

Start by thoroughly assessing the property, considering the size, layout, climate, and existing landscape features. Identify high-traffic areas, existing plantings, and areas requiring special attention. With this information, create a detailed maintenance plan that outlines tasks, schedules, and budget estimates. A clear plan will ensure that all aspects of your landscaping receive the attention needed.

Regular lawn care

A lush and healthy lawn is often the focal point of a commercial landscape. Regular lawn care is essential to maintain its vibrancy. This includes mowing, fertilizing, and irrigation. Mowing should be done at the right height to prevent overcutting, which can stress the grass. Additionally, seasonal fertilization and proper irrigation will keep the grass healthy and save it from becoming susceptible to pests or diseases.

Pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming shrubs, trees and other plants are critical for maintaining a neat and well-manicured appearance. Regular pruning helps to promote proper growth and prevent overgrowth that can obstruct pathways or damage structures. Be sure to time pruning activities according to the specific needs of each plant and tree, as some may require more frequent attention than others.

Weed control

Weeds can quickly take over an otherwise well-maintained landscape if not controlled. Regular weeding is essential to keep the property looking tidy. Consider both manual and chemical weed control methods, but be mindful of chemical herbicides' potential environmental and health impacts. Implementing landscape fabric or mulch in planting beds can also help reduce weed growth.

Pest and disease management

Effective pest and disease management is vital for preserving the health of your landscape. Regularly inspect plants for signs of infestations or diseases and take prompt action to address any issues. Consulting with a professional pest control service may sometimes be necessary to prevent or mitigate damage.

Professional landscape services

While property managers can handle many aspects of landscaping maintenance, there are times when it's beneficial to enlist the services of professional landscapers. They have the expertise, equipment, and resources to handle specialized tasks, large-scale projects, or complex landscape designs. Professional services may be especially important for properties with extensive or intricate landscaping.

In conclusion, maintaining commercial landscaping is about aesthetics, your property's functionality, and financial health. These efforts can create and maintain landscapes that contribute to tenant satisfaction, attract customers, and increase their commercial properties' overall appeal and value.

Seasonal cleanup

Seasonal changes require different approaches to landscape maintenance. Fall cleanup, for example, involves leaf removal, pruning, and winterizing irrigation systems. Spring preparations may include soil testing, aeration, and the application of pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed growth. Tailoring your maintenance activities to the seasons is essential for long-term landscape health.

Irrigation management

Proper irrigation is vital for the health of your landscaping. Regularly inspect the irrigation system for leaks, malfunctions, or misaligned sprinkler heads. Adjust watering schedules based on the changing seasons and weather conditions to avoid overwatering or underwatering. An efficient irrigation system promotes healthy plant growth and conserves water, which is environmentally responsible and cost-effective.


Applying mulch to planting beds serves multiple purposes. It helps retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate temperature. Additionally, mulch adds aesthetic appeal to the landscape. Be sure to replenish mulch as needed to maintain its effectiveness.

Sustainability and environmental considerations

In today's world, sustainability is a growing concern for many property managers and tenants. Consider implementing environmentally friendly practices in your commercial landscaping maintenance. This might include the use of native plants, xeriscaping (low-water landscaping), and the reduction of chemical inputs. Not only does this align with modern sustainability trends, but it can also reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Budget management

Efficiently managing your landscaping budget is essential. Regularly review and modify your budget based on your maintenance plan, property needs, and unexpected expenses. A well-managed budget ensures that your landscaping remains an asset rather than a financial burden.

Lush Green & Pristine Outdoors

Make the exterior of your business property aesthetically appealing with our commercial landscaping services in Toronto & Mississauga.

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