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“Family Owned and Operated Since 1991 – Commercial, Industrial, Condominium Corporations – Servicing West GTA”

Trusted Commercial Property Management Ltd is proud to offer landscaping and winter property maintenance services to commercial clients. From stonework, driveways, walkways, patios, fences to retaining walls. We provide complete commercial property management in the West GTA area at cost-effective prices. Seasonally, we offer snow removal and snow melting services. We even have the experience and expertise for pruning, edging, weed control, lawn maintenance, tree removal and new tree planting. For us, our clients' and employees’ safety and the quality of our services are always the highest priorities. 

Connect with us to schedule property cleanups, lawn maintenance and more.

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Spring, Summer & Fall Landscaping Ltd provides an array of services, including spring to fall lawn maintenance for commercial and industrial clients, such as:

  • Seasonal cleanups Spring/fall/anytime, lot sweeping, litter pick-ups, power washing, garbage collection/recycling, etc.

  • Lawn maintenance Aeration, Mowing/lawn cutting, watering, trimming, fertilizing, raking, litter removal, weed control, edging, seeding/sodding, etc.

  • Gardening Planting, mulching, spreading soil, weeding, upkeep of annuals/perennials, shrubs, etc.

  • Trees Pruning, leaf cleanups, planting/removal, etc.

  • Soft/hardscape installations Fencing, custom made planters, interlocking, irrigation installations/maintenance, retaining walls, etc.

Snow Removal Technique – Snow Melting

Our Snow Melter is an effective, efficient and environmentally conscious means. Here’s why you should hire us:

  • Timely service Snow Melter employs submerged combustion, a direct contact method of heating to melt snow efficiently and timely…otherwise, fast!

  • Environmentally conscious You don’t have 4-5-6 truckloads moving snow away from the property and leaving a carbon footprint. Melt snow within a 3rd of the time required to unload with trucks and dispose of the snow in a way where the water treatment will be filtering the water.

  • Long-term maintenance You don’t have to cover your newly restored landscaped areas (lawns and gardens) with contaminated snow. Avoid re-sodding lawn and gardens and maintain long-term landscaping.

Construction Landscaping

Make your property aesthetically pleasing with value-added features that’ll add years and value:


  • Stonework

  • Driveways

  • Walkways

  • Patios

  • Fencing

  • Retaining walls

…If it’s not on here, just ask!

Commercial Irrigation System

We offer the following commercial and industrial irrigation services:


  • Sprinkler system design

  • Plumbing set up

  • Irrigation system installation

  • Irrigation system maintenance & repair (trenches, pumps, drains, PVC conduit, valves, station sites, computer control panels & other components)

…If it’s not on here, just ask!

Fleet of Fully Qualified Licensed Equipment

…If it’s not on here, YES, we have it!


  • Riding mowers/push mowers

  • Whipper snippers/pruning equipment

  • Mowers (hand, hoppers, de-thatchers, mulchers, etc.)

  • Snow plow trucks, tractors & loaders with up to 18ft blade capability

  • Salting delivery up to 40 tons every few hours (pending weather status)

  • Concrete salt storage

Property Maintenance Service Providers

Let us keep your property healthy, all-year-round!

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