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Snow Removal Services Toronto | Ground-Control Ltd

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Solution to Snow Melting & Commercial Snow Removal Services in Toronto & Mississauga

Ground-Control Ltd is here for winter snow removal/haulage or snow melting in Mississauga on your commercial property. Our services can be trusted for plowing, salting, sidewalk clearing, snow haulage, and melting. Most importantly, we offer 24-hour snow monitoring while you are asleep!


We provide reliable and safe commercial snow removal services, working through the night to ensure your parking lots are plowed, sidewalks are clear, and all is salted (even day snowfalls get the same attention!). You can count on our over three decades of experience in property management in Mississauga and Toronto. Schedule our quality commercial snow removal services to keep your property and workers safe.

Snow Removal Technique – Snow Melting

Our Snow Melter is an effective, efficient and environmentally conscious means. Here’s why you should hire us -

Timely service

Snow Melter employs submerged combustion, a direct contact method of heating to melt snow efficiently and timely…otherwise, fast!

Environmentally conscious

You don’t have 4-5-6 truckloads moving snow away from the property and leaving a carbon footprint. Melt snow within a 3rd of the time required to unload with trucks and dispose of the snow in a way where the water treatment will be filtering the water.

Long-term maintenance

You don’t have to cover your newly restored landscaped areas (lawns and gardens) with contaminated snow. Avoid re-sodding lawns and gardens and maintain long-term landscaping.

Snow & Ice Maintenance

Beyond snow melting technology and snow removal services, we offer a comprehensive range of snow and ice maintenance services to keep your property safe and accessible throughout winter:


We clear sidewalks/walkways with a manual classic shovel or appropriate sidewalk machines/tools. Our shovelling services cater to the various aspects of your commercial site, such as rooftops, pathways, driveways and landscaping services. We strive to ensure that your work is not stalled due to snow accumulation.


We offer to plow in loaders, tractors or pick-up trucks. Our commercial snow plowing services can be trusted to provide quality workmanship with ease. You can rely on our plowers to efficiently clear your sidewalks and parking lots, as we can understand the problems you might face with snow accumulation.


We have a diverse range of vehicles available that fit on your big, small or in-between property; salt availability – always. We schedule salting after each snowplow as per the weather conditions. Salting helps reduce impending snow accumulation on your commercial property.

Snow melting

We offer post-storm cleanups, commercial snow removal in Mississauga, and snow melting systems that liquify accumulated snow without incurring high fees from a dump truck, fuel, and labour charges. An oversized “boiler system” uses heat exchanging technology that is a cost-effective, manageable solution that minimizes costly, environmentally unfriendly processes of snow haulage and on/off-site snow relocation.


We offer day or evening site inspections. You can rely on us at Ground-Control Ltd for pre-season inspection. Our professionals thoroughly inspect your commercial property for any possible signs of damage. We observe and inspect the areas where snow can be piled and identify the potential hazards that might take place. For us, your safety is our priority.

Why Do You Need Snow Melting Services in Toronto & Mississauga?

Snow melting services in Toronto and Mississauga are essential for various reasons, primarily due to this region's challenging and unpredictable winter weather. Here are some key reasons why these services are necessary:

Safety: Snow and ice accumulation on driveways, walkways, and parking lots can create hazardous conditions. Slip and fall accidents are a typical occurrence during the winter months. Snow melting services ensure these surfaces are kept clear and safe for pedestrians and vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Property maintenance: Snow and ice can cause significant damage to your property. When snow/ice melts and refreezes, it can form ice dams, damaging roofs, gutters, and other structural elements. Snow melting services help prevent costly property damage, saving homeowners and businesses money in the long run.

Accessibility: In Toronto and Mississauga, where winter weather can be severe, it's essential to maintain accessibility to your home or business. Snow melting services ensure that driveways and walkways remain open and accessible, allowing you to go about your daily activities without disruption.

Compliance with local regulations: Many municipalities in the Toronto and Mississauga area have bylaws that require property owners to clear snow/ice from their sidewalks within a specific timeframe. Snow melting services can help you comply with these regulations, avoiding potential fines.

Business continuity: For businesses, keeping commercial properties free of snow and ice is crucial to maintaining operations. Snow melting services ensure that customers, employees, and suppliers can access your business, preventing disruptions that can impact your bottom line.

Long-term cost savings: While snow-melting services come with a cost, they can ultimately save you money. Preventing property damage, avoiding potential liability from slip and fall accidents, and ensuring business continuity are all factors that contribute to long-term cost savings.

In conclusion, snow-melting services in Toronto and Mississauga are necessary to maintain safety, accessibility, and properties' overall well-being in the face of harsh winter conditions. These services save you time and effort, help protect your area/property, and lower the risk of accidents. By investing in professional snow-melting services, you can ensure that you, your family, and your business are prepared for whatever winter has in store.

Convenience: Shoveling and salting snow can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Snow melting services save you time and effort. Instead of spending hours clearing snow and ice, you can rely on professionals to do the job efficiently.

Environmental considerations: Using traditional methods like salt can have negative environmental impacts. Snow melting services often use more eco-friendly techniques, such as heated driveways and walkways, which reduce the need for salt and minimize environmental harm.

Importance of Commercial Snow Removal Services in Toronto & Mississauga

Commercial snow removal services play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of businesses in Toronto and Mississauga, two cities known for their harsh winter weather. These services are of paramount importance for several reasons. Firstly, efficient snow removal helps maintain accessibility to commercial properties. Snow and ice accumulation can cause hazards for employees and customers, leading to accidents and potential liabilities. By promptly clearing snow and ice, businesses can ensure safe access to their premises, enhancing safety and customer satisfaction.

Secondly, snow removal is crucial for maintaining business continuity. Snowstorms and freezing temperatures can disrupt operations and result in financial losses. Commercial snow removal services enable companies to quickly clear parking lots, walkways, and entry points, allowing them to remain open and productive during winter.

Moreover, these services are environmentally responsible. Snow plowing and removal prevent the formation of dangerous ice patches and reduce the need for excessive de-icing chemicals, which can harm the environment. Timely snow removal ensures that businesses can balance safety and environmental sustainability.

Commercial snow removal services in Toronto and Mississauga are indispensable for preserving safety, business operations, and the environment during the challenging winter. They enable enterprises to focus on their core activities while leaving the responsibility of managing snow and ice to experts, ultimately contributing to the well-being and success of the local business community.

Innovative Snow Management Solutions

Ground-Control Ltd brings innovative snow management solutions to Toronto and Mississauga, ensuring efficient and safe removal of snow and ice from commercial properties. Our advanced techniques and equipment are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing exceptional results.

We employ state-of-the-art snow-melting technology that goes beyond traditional snow removal methods. Our snow melters utilize submerged combustion, a direct contact method of heating, to efficiently and rapidly melt snow. This technology not only clears snow quickly but also reduces the need for excessive salt usage, minimizing environmental harm.

Benefits of Snow Melting Technology

  • Timely Service: Our snow melters work swiftly, ensuring timely removal of snow and ice from your property. This rapid response helps maintain accessibility and safety for employees, customers, and visitors.

  • Environmental Consciousness: By using snow melting technology, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with snow removal. We avoid the need for multiple truckloads to haul snow away, conserving fuel and reducing emissions.

  • Long-Term Property Maintenance: Snow melting technology prevents the accumulation of contaminated snow on your property, preserving the integrity of your landscaping and infrastructure. Say goodbye to the hassle of re-sodding lawns and gardens due to snow damage.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: While snow melting technology represents an initial investment, it offers long-term cost savings by minimizing the need for frequent snow removal services and reducing potential property damage. It's a sustainable and economical solution for effective snow management.

Customized Snow Removal Plans

At Ground-Control Ltd, we understand that every property is unique and requires customized snow removal plans. Our team works closely with clients to assess their specific needs, considering factors such as property size, usage patterns, and environmental considerations.

By choosing Ground-Control Ltd for snow removal services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in capable hands and ready to face winter's challenges with efficiency and reliability.

Efficient & Safe Snow Management

Prevent damage to your property! Schedule snow-melting and commercial snow removal services in Toronto and Mississauga.

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